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Production of exclusive souvenirs. Souvenirs with a logo. Fast, high-quality inexpensive!

Keychains with a 3D-image in an optical glass.

Branding of souvenirs.

Products from birch bark.

Gift fund of the company.

Matryoshka with a logo, a commercial matryoshka, an exclusive matryoshka, an advertising matryoshka.

Souvenir magnets, magnets with a logo, advertising magnets, commercial magnets.

A portrait matryoshka, an individual matryoshka, an exclusive matryoshka.

Keychains with a 3D-image in an optical glass.

3D-image in an optical glass

Manufacturing of exclusive keychains with 2D or 3d image inside is one of the most interesting directions of production, carried out by a team of creative specialists of our company. Such a keychains can become elegant souvenir that can draw attention to your brand, and will help you to be remembered by potential customers with an unconventional and creative approach to solving problems posed to customers at an exhibition or presentation.

Making a keychains that contains an image inside it seems like a miracle. In fact, this process is not only expensive and technically complex, but interesting and creative.

It starts with giving a workpiece from a special optical glass of any shape, for example, a parallelepiped, a cube, a hemisphere or a heart. Then, inside the optical glass, an image is burned using a laser, consisting of points arranged in accordance with a pre-prepared computer program.

Images that appear inside the glass with the help of a laser can be either volumetric or flat. It depends on the degree of realism of the inner contents of your future souvenir, its size, volume and density. The computer program determines the required number of points and their location. The more the number of points and the more complex the computer program, the higher the cost of the product. But you will agree, the more voluminous and realistic the image, the more spectacular it looks and attracts more attention. A team of experienced professionals with thousands of orders completed and numerous satisfied customers ready to help you become the owner of souvenirs that can become pleasant memorable trivia and give you the opportunity to leave an unforgettable impression of uniqueness, originality and creativity about yourself, your company or brand.

If you are inclined to creativity, are full of ideas and have the opportunity to create a 3D image in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator format (the main thing is that the image was in curves), simply send this file to our e-mail address export@goldengrail.com, choose the size and shape of the future product (The minimum lot is 50 units), make a 100% advance payment and will wait until the delivery of the goods at the address specified by you within a period of three weeks to a month, depending on the volume of the ordered lot. If you do not have the ability to create complex graphic files or just do not know where to start, you just need to give us your logo or any desired image in JPG, GIF, BMP or other raster graphics formats, and our designers will translate it into the required format.

How much is an exclusive gift that will make a first impression, impress the imagination of business partners, friends or loved ones, and leave an extraordinary reminder of yourself, your company or brand?

The cost of the ordered souvenir consists of the costs of production and development costs, the creation of a layout and program.

If you do not have the opportunity to provide the image in the required format, then the average cost of creating a layout by our designers will be from 40 to 300 dollars, depending on the complexity and size of the picture. If you allocate these costs to a batch of 100 products, one item will have from 1 to 10 dollars. If the batch is 1000 items, the cost of developing and creating a layout will be from 0,5 to 3 dollars per item. If you repeatedly apply for a new batch of similar souvenirs, without changing the layout and size, we can use previously prepared materials. Consequently, the development and creation of a layout in the price will not enter. The cost of the product itself in the stream depends on the size of the workpiece, the complexity, volume and realism contained within the image and, of course, on the size of the ordered lot.

Recently, ever increasing popularity in the selection of gifts, especially corporate, are acquiring glassware. A 3D image can be created not only inside the keychain. Cubes, hemispheres and parallelepipeds of various sizes, from keychain to floor structures, can become a preform for creating a glass souvenir.

How to save money on making exclusive gifts for business partners?

Save on gifts is not accepted and even ugly, yet we want to offer you a couple of acceptable ways:

First, order souvenirs in large batches. The larger the batch, the cheaper each individual product.

Secondly, our specialists have at their disposal ready-made models of images developed over many years, the use of which will partially exclude the additional costs of developing and manufacturing a layout and computer program for the production of your souvenirs. The main groups of such images contain flora, fauna, religion, sport, temples, space and signs of the zodiac:

To get acquainted with real examples of our works, to clarify the availability of specific images of interest to you, and also to discuss the cost of various souvenirs, the terms of production, methods of delivery and payment can be obtained from our specialists by e-mail: export@goldengrail.com

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Branding of souvenirs.

The company "Golden Grail" is pleased to offer you a powerful tool for advertising and corporate events, souvenirs, decorated with your brand name or a memorable inscription.

Marketing research shows that branding of souvenirs is one of the most common and effective marketing moves to date. Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise anyone in the capital, therefore modern companies invest a huge amount of material and intellectual resources in creating a competent advertising image, an important role in which can be played a memorable souvenir production with a bright colorful logo printed on it.

In our catalog a huge selection of souvenirs, but not every souvenir is suitable for applying brand marks. We suggest you apply your brand name to unique products of folk crafts, each of which stores the warmth of the hands of craftsmen and artists, such as matryoshkas, wooden cases for bottles, birch bark products, souvenir pencils and pens. Such souvenirs will allow you to surprise potential customers, partners and colleagues and help to make a memorable gift that carries the warmth of the human soul and a piece of art.

In addition, a good advertising move is considered to be drawing a logo on ceramic or beer mugs, glasses, as well as souvenir plates. It is very advantageous to look your logo on products made of optical glass, or on T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Magnets and keychains with your logo will come to the rescue if it is necessary to arrange distribution of souvenir details to a large crowd of people at exhibitions, presentations or during marketing campaigns in large stores.

The application of brand names and memorable inscriptions to souvenirs is made in various ways, depending on the type of souvenir, its suitability for this or that method of application, the desired final cost of the product, and, of course, its expected durability. The higher the quality of the logo, the final value is more expensive, but, you see, there are times when the durability and presentable appearance of the resulting souvenir are worth of this money.

The most popular and in-demand for today are such types of branding as:

Tampon printing is the most inexpensive way of applying, which is based on the use of cliches and tampons. On the surface of the product with a swab, apply a thin layer of paint in accordance with the image on a cliché based on your logo or inscription. This method is suitable for drawing images on souvenir pens, pencils, plates, mugs, magnets and keychain, flash drives.

Decal is a reliable and high-quality method of branding. The application of the paint layer is carried out using a special film. After that, the product is covered with a transparent layer of varnish and fired in the oven. Certain types of materials do not provide for additional kiln firing. For example, wood. Instead, additional layers of lacquer are used. This way you can use when you apply the logo on wooden magnets, wooden matryoshkas, bottle cases and on any glass and ceramic souvenirs.

Laser engraving is a method of transferring an image using a laser beam without the use of paint. This is a long-lasting indelible option of applying your logo on any of the materials: wood, metal, glass.

Silk-screen printing is the branding of products with the help of painting with the help of special stencils. Such application is suitable for any souvenir products. As a rule, in this way, high-quality T-shirts and sweatshirts with a logo or inscription are produced.

Embroidery is a method of applying images to textiles. For example, baseball caps, sweatshirts, towels, T-shirts.

Embossing is a method of drawing an image in which a cliche-stamp metal extrudes images on materials such as birch bark, leather, leatherette.


Here you can see some photos of our works for examples:

Our specialists have many years of experience in producing souvenirs and creating unique advertising images. Therefore, they will help you choose souvenirs, as well as ways to brand them. To get advice, place an order or just ask any questions you have, you can send an e-mail to export@goldengrail.com.

Branding of souvenirs is an excellent strategic move that will allow you to attract much needed attention to your corporate style, and, consequently, to the products or services you provide. We will help create a unique and memorable advertising tool that will provide your brand with unflagging attention for a long time.

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Products from birch bark.

The company "Golden Grail" offers to your attention exclusive souvenirs created by talented craftsmen of national crafts from a unique ecologically pure material - birchbark.

Birchbark is a unique natural material, flexible, durable and practically indestructible to the process of decay. Souvenirs made of birchbark, in addition to special, unique beauty, are distinguished by their durability, as well as high ecological compatibility.

At last, birchbark boxes was used as thermos: sour cream does not sour, fish does not spoil in hot weather, and does not freeze in frost.

Combs and hairpins from birchbark are very convenient to use. As well as other useful properties, do not produce static electricity, which greatly facilitates the process of combing, especially thin and long hair.

Another important advantage of birch bark is its bactericidal properties: products from this unique natural material do not cause skin irritations and allergic reactions, protect silver products and "live" stones like pearls, coral and amber from darkening and loss of shine, and also allow a long time store perishable food products

The company "Golden Grail" not only sells products from birch bark at retail, but also accepts wholesale orders for the manufacture of exclusive birch bark products under your sketches.

In order to order an exclusive product from birch bark, you need to perform a few very simple steps:

- Think about what kind of drawing or inscription you want to see on it. Perhaps it will be your company logo, brand name or simply a memorable inscription.

- Send to the specialists of our company the resulting image in one of the following formats: CDR, Ai, EPS or PSD (in case of impossibility to create files of such formats, it is possible to obtain images in JPG, GIF, BMP files).

- Decide on the look and form of your future souvenir. It's a good idea to use birch bricks, birch bolls, as well as birch bark cups of different capacity. As a small souvenir production, products from birch bark can be presented in the form of mirrors with a handle, hairpins, and keychains.

On the basis of your application with the attached graphic file, a metal press mold will be created - a cliche with which a logo image will be squeezed out on a birch billet using a special press. This method of manufacturing products from birch bark is called embossing. Depending on the complexity of the logo, as well as the size and type of product, the cost of developing a cliche is from 35$ and above.

The lead times vary from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the lot size, the complexity of the production cycle and the individual characteristics of each particular product. Delivery is possible anywhere in the world at your request.

Here you can see an example of works - birch bark products with a logo and an inscription:

You can ask additional questions to our managers by e-mail: export@goldengrail.com. Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions!

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Gift fund of the company.

The company "Golden Grail" first entered the souvenir market in 2001. Since then, it regularly expands the range of souvenir and gift products. For the years of its existence, we have concluded an exclusive distribution contract with one of the largest producers of souvenirs, and created our own production base for creating products of folk crafts that can satisfy the most demanding customers.

The creation of souvenirs is a special production branch in which craft is closely intertwined with art. This industry allows the master to put a piece of his own soul into each product. "Golden Grail" unites craftsmen, craftsmen and artists in a unified team of professionals who can create exclusive products.

The search and attraction of Russian and foreign business partners interested in the formation of the company's own gift fund is a promising direction of the company's activities.

The gift fund is one of the most powerful marketing tools that helps to establish itself among customers and leave a memory in the form of souvenirs with tagline or a memorable brand name about your company or brand.

Any company needs to hold forums, meetings, presentations and participate in exhibitions in the development process. At similar events it is customary to give souvenirs to potential consumers. This gives an opportunity to expand the client base, declare itself or simply make a pleasant present to long-time business partners and customers of the company.

There are cases when there is a need for souvenirs, but it is impossible to produce gifts with the company logo because of an elementary lack of time. In this case, we are ready to come to the rescue and offer you the finished products from our extensive catalog.

"Golden Grail" has its own production base, allowing in the shortest time to create souvenirs and products of folk crafts. The company is the exclusive distributor of the largest Russian producer and exporter of souvenirs in the Moscow region. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you a catalog in which more than six thousand commodity items are collected. To form your own gift fund, you just need to select the liked positions of our catalog or groups of goods, make an order, make an advance payment and we will deliver souvenirs at a time and place convenient for you. When you resubmit, you will be provided with the wholesale price set at the first order. There is an opportunity to purchase the necessary products directly from the storage.




Lacquer miniature Mstera, Palekh, 

Fedoskino, Kholui

Souvenir balalaikas

Souvenir spoons

Baseball caps


Products from birch bark


Bogorodskaya toy

Layout - a musical cathedral







Business Card holder


Water balloon

Orenburg downy shawls






Pavlo-Posad woolen shawls


Zhostovo salvers

Souvenir Pencils

Bottle Cases

Playing cards


Woolen scarf

Porcelain decorative plates

Souvenir bells


Copies of Faberge. Pendant


Copies of Faberge. Eggs, caskets 

Metal flask





Souvenir dolls

Musical organ barrels

Laser graphics in the glass



You can ask us for an electronic catalog by e-mail: export@goldengrail.com, which lists the entire range of products and wholesale prices.

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Matryoshka with a logo, a commercial matryoshka, an exclusive matryoshka, an advertising matryoshka.

Our company fulfills orders for the production of souvenir dolls for the anniversary of companies or simply for a gift fund. You can order a matryoshka with a logo. You can order matryoshka with inscriptions and portraits, cases for a bottle with a logo (single-piece matryoshka of elongated form), candy boxes with the emblem of the company (single-nest doll or paunchy form).

Logos and specialized inscriptions this is an inviolable thing, therefore it is not allowed to draw by hand. Moreover, handwork is much more expensive. That's why exclusive matryoshkas are made using the cold decal method, application of films or using tampon printing. Then we make a manual drawing of the image according to the approved design.

The preliminary stage of the order execution is the creating of an electronic layout, and then the producing of a real product. The electronic version of the layout you see on the left, a ready-made sample of a matryoshka you see on the right:


The cost of creating the first sample from $ 40, depending on the complexity of the product.

The period of creating of the electronic sample is 1-2 days. The period of producing of a real sample of a nesting doll is from 1 to 2 weeks. The real sample is launched into production when the customer approves the electronic variant. Important: if the customer makes changes or additions, changing the concept of design, after the approval of the electronic layout and the first sample of the matryoshka, the producing of a new sample is paid for in a new invoice.

Matryoshka for 5 seats and the height of the first place of 16 cm will cost from $ 15.

Each such order is an individual job and therefore the price can be higher or lower than specified. The wholesale price of a matryoshka is always determined individually and depends on several parameters:

• number of places (dolls) in a matryoshka

• the height of the matryoshka (the first place of the workpiece). (The standard height of the dolls is: - a matryoshka for 3 places - 12 cm, - a matryoshka for 5 places - 15-16 cm, - a matryoshka for 7 seats - 19 cm, - a matryoshka for 10 seats - 22 cm).

• Matryoshka of non-standard sizes increases the lead time of the order and the price of the product (calculated individually)

• the complexity of the drawing, design.

• urgency of order execution

• individual packaging for each product.

• the number of items in the lot.

The term of production of the lot depends on the quantity. To make 100 matryoshkas for 5 seats, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks. Sometimes it takes more than 4 weeks.

Minimum order quantity:

• 1st place - from 100 items,

• 3 places - from 70 products,

• 5 places - from 40-50 items,

• 7 places - from 20 items,

• 10 seats - from 10 items.


These restrictions are due to profitability and technology of preparation of films (decals).


Here you can see some examples of our work. Matryoshka with company logo.

We hope that the information will help you in making the decision, and you will contact us to discuss the details and ordering by e-mail at export@goldengrail.com.

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Souvenir magnets, magnets with a logo, advertising magnets, commercial magnets.

Manufacture and sale of magnets according to the individual design of the customer is one of the activities of the company "Golden Grail." The main customers of such products are the owners of retail chains of printing kiosks, hotels, owners of duty-free shops in airports. Also, companies that work in the field of selling souvenirs in places such as cultural monuments, important historical sites, museums, fairs, parks and shopping centers. Our products are also popular with companies that order the placement of logos, inscriptions and branding.

We cooperate with partners all over the world. The scheme for accepting, executing and delivering orders to anywhere in the world is debugged, so our partners can be sure that their order will be executed at a high level and on time.

A magnet with a company logo or an individual design magnet is a good and inexpensive gift that will allow you to leave a memory of yourself after the forum, presentation, meeting or any other business event.

There are many types of magnets, depending on the basis of the workpiece. We make magnets on wood or metal. For wooden magnets, we use plywood with a thickness of 3 millimeters. We can get any shape of a magnet thanks to a laser. For metal magnets, we use standard rectangular, square or round billets. Wooden magnets have a variety of shapes.

The way of drawing the image differs: tampon printing, decal, laser engraving on wood.

We put a decal with a picture on wooden magnets and then cover with varnish. This procedure allows you to achieve a colorful glossy effect. Tampon printing is suitable for wooden and metal magnets.

The main requirements for the method of drawing an image:

Requirements for mock-up images for tampon printing.

1. Ready layouts are accepted in vector format in the formats tiff, psd, cdr, ai, eps. Less preferable, but it is possible to accept in JPG format.

2. Layouts should be sent in 100% size with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The maximum area for cylindrical products is limited: height - 0,7 x D (D - diameter of the product in the narrowest place); Length - 60 mm for MKM 80, length - 100 mm for MKM 125.

3. The minimum thickness of the printed line is 0.2 mm; The minimum distance between objects, lines and letters is 0.2 mm; Thickness of lines and small elements when printing is not less than 0.2 - 0.3 mm, for separately located small elements, the size is not less than 0.5 x 0.5 mm.

4. It is desirable to avoid serif fonts. It is obligatory to set the distance between the letters + 5-10% when typing (in any case not negative).

5. Be sure to translate the text into curves when using fonts.

Features of color reproduction in tampon printing.

Color control in pad printing is performed visually with the help of our eye. That is, a subjective estimate is used, which depends on external conditions, etc. Therefore, we do not guarantee an accurate hit in the color of Pantone (maybe a difference of several gradations).

We use the paints recommended by the manufacturers of the "Paint Blending Compositions" to get the colors that the customer chose from the catalog. But even manufacturers do not exclude color distortion and do not give a complete match of colors with the Pantone catalog even on coated paper. Therefore, accurately reproducing the selected color on the product is extremely difficult. This must be taken into account when the paint falls on a dark surface. When applying colors, you can get a completely different color instead of the required one.

Requirements for models for laser engraving.

1. Ready-made layouts are accepted in vector format in the formats Corel Draw v.10.0. - v.13.0.

2. Layouts should be sent in 100% size. For cylindrical surfaces (handles), the approximate engraving format is 0.6 x D (D is the diameter of the cylinder);

3. Color in place of engraving - 100% black CMYK.

4. Be sure to translate the text into curves when using fonts.

5. The maximum size of the plot for engraving is 400 x 600 mm.

Please prepare your request for the production of magnets in the form of answers to the following questions:

1. sending files of the existing layout (ready image, logo, label) in one of the formats described previously (TIFF, PSD, CDR, AI, EPS or JPG)

2. The desired method of application


Tampon printing on metal

Decol on wood with subsequent additional varnish

Laser engraving on wood

                     Tampon printing on a tree


• the number of copies to be ordered

• possible time limits

• delivery address

• Budget limitations per item.

• other wishes.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us by e-mail: export@goldengrail.com

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A portrait matryoshka, an individual matryoshka, an exclusive matryoshka.

A portrait matryoshka, an individual matryoshka, an exclusive matryoshka.

The company "Golden Grail" the manufacturer of souvenir and gift products. The company offere you a huge range of souvenirs: from inexpensive pens and pencils with your company logo to exclusive matryoshkas and caskets.

Often the question arises: "What should I give to the head or just a friend?", "What kind of gift to the birthday, anniversary, any celebration?". Expensive gifts are prestigious, but maybe not so interesting. You can present a miniature  (casket or matryoshka) with his portrait to the hero of the occasion.

Our professional artists will create a real masterpiece in any style - Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui, Mstera. It will look prestigious, interesting and original. If you wish, we can contribute to this gift a share of humor. Believe me, admiration, joy, and gratitude of this man will have no boundaries. Below see the proposed photos, and you will appreciate the merit of such a gift.

There are two versions of the portrait matryoshka. The first is a decal method followed by manual painting of images. As a rule, only the face is decorated with decal, and the costume background and other possible details are executed manually. It should be noted that this version is more suitable for orders, where the number of products exceeds 40-50 units. You can certainly make and one unit - but it's expensive at a price. Orders for single exclusive products are undoubtedly better to perform the second method - namely 100% complete hand-painted. As a rule, this method is applicable in the manufacture of portrait matryoshkas.

Before making an order for a portrait matryoshka doll, you should know that the matryoshka dolls have different number of places in the matryoshka. The more places in the matryoshka, the lower the average cost of execution of each portrait. For example, you can order a single matryoshka doll. Single matryoshka can be in standard form or globular for storing sweets, or in the form of a case for a bottle. Procurement can be selected for any volume and shape of the bottle: vodka, wine, champagne, cognac.


Matryoshka for 1 place - from 135 $.

Matryoshka for 2 places - from $ 160,

Matryoshka for 3 places - 195 $.

Matryoshka for 4 places and more - from 55 $ for each portrait.

If you want to give matryoshka with portraits to a family of five people, then you need to order a matryoshka for 5 seats and the order cost will be $ 265.


How to order a doll with a portrait? Write us an email with your answers to the following questions:

1. the number of dolls in a matryoshka?

2. The height of the matryoshka (the height of the first place)? As a rule, matryoshka with a portrait are used in large size, ​​so that the portrait is presented in close-up. Depending on the number of seats in the matryoshka, we use the workpieces of the following height: the standard size is 16 centimeters, 22-23 centimeters is the ideal size for a portrait matryoshka. To get a matryoshka, you need time. Since our turner will grind out the wooden blank specially for you. Such work will cost more by 30%.

3. Bulk or flat image?

The volumetric image is more suitable for cartoons., When the head of a matryoshka is the head of a character. A flat image is more suitable for transferring a natural image.

4. style of writing - cartoon or realistic?

5. Costumes according to photos or fabulous?

6. prepare and send files with photos in good quality by email. The formats are PSD, JPG, BMP, GIF. Each file must have a name corresponding to the ordinal number in the matryoshka. For example, we put Misha's portrait on the first place in a matryoshka, so the file with his photo should have the name 1.JPG or 1_Misha.JPG. Please consider that our artist did not see the person live. He will only look at the photo. Therefore, he will be able to write a portrait exactly as it will be presented in the photo.

7. Interim coordination is necessary. Intermediate coordination is sending you electronic photographs of finished products until the mattress is covered with lacquer. In this case, we can make any changes. After coating the matryoshka with varnish, nothing can be changed.

8. need for delivery and delivery address.


Please see the examples of our work:

Подарок шефу от любящего коллектива

Франко Дзеффирелли и Образцова Елена Васильевна

Что подарить маме

Шикарный подарок - портретная матрешка

Что подарить главе семьи

Заказать эксклюзивный фон портретной матрешкиМатрешка по фотографиям

Что подарить друзьям

Индивидуальная Роспись матрешки по фотографии

Что подарить другу

Матрешка на заказФон портретной матрешки на заказ

Что подарить дедушкеИзумительный подарок - матрешка по фотографиям

Заказать индивидуальную матрешку по фотографии

Портрет на пасхальном яйцеМатрешка по фотографии

Художник портретист - производство индивидуальных матрешек по фото

Матрешка на заказМатрешка футляр с портретом

Матрешка по фото на заказ

Ladies and gentlemen! With requests for the purchase of finished products or for the coordination of an individual order, you can contact us by e-mail: export@goldengrail.com

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Souvenir plates of a mug with drawing of a trade mark, souvenir production, business souvenirs with drawing of a trade mark, advertising souvenirs.

We are glad to see you on our site. If you read these lines - it means that you have already thought about the strategy of your advertising campaign. The range of products offered is very wide and varied. In our catalog you will find a huge amount of souvenirs and gifts that will help to realize your ideas. The company "Golden Grail" is engaged in drawing of logos, inscriptions on various kinds of production such as: advertising souvenirs, business-souvenirs, promo-souvenirs, VIP gifts. For the production of promotional products, our partners are, as a rule, the most popular and often used products:

• porcelain mugs,

• ceramic mugs with logo,

• ceramic decorative plates,

• ashtrays with logo,

• trinke with company logo,

• pens with logo,

• individual design pencils

• glass glasses with logo,

• glass beer mugs with logo,

• T-shirts with an exclusive image,

• Christmas balls with logo

And much more:

Souvenir products are an integral part of exhibitions, promotions, corporate events. But the competition in the market is high and over the years it becomes more difficult to attract new partners and buyers against the background of its competitors. A profitable solution is souvenir products with the company logo. Advertising products this is one of the indispensable aspects in the promotion and development of firms. Any partner or potential buyer will be pleased to know that they appreciate him. A partner, having received and using your gift with a logo in everyday life, will always remember you.

This is exactly what your goal is. This is what helps to strengthen business relations with your company. Putting a logo on a mug or a plate is effective and, most importantly, an economical advertisement for your company. Such a marketing move very quickly pays for itself and brings significant benefits in the form of profitable deals, offers, increasing the number of potential partners and buyers. It does not matter which holiday is on the calendar - this gift will suit any occasion, will last a long time and will remind you of a pleasant cooperation with your company. A quality souvenir is the key to the success of your company.

If you wish to order a mug with a logo, you need to send your logo or image for printing. If you do not have an image or logo, our designer is ready to create it according to your detailed description. We hope that our works on creating souvenirs with logos that will help you create your own logo, which we can translate for you. After receiving or creating a layout, our experienced masters will help you choose the most appropriate way of applying the logo to a mug or a plate in accordance with the quality of the final image and the price range.

Production of promotional products is based on the application of one of the following methods of imaging:

1. Tampon printing is the most inexpensive way of applying, which is based on the use of a cliché and tampon. On the surface of the product with a swab, apply a thin layer of paint in accordance with the image on a cliché based on your logo or inscription. This method is suitable for drawing images on souvenir pens, pencils, plates, mugs, magnets and key fobs, flash drives.

2. Decol is a reliable and high-quality branding method. The application of the paint layer is carried out using a special film. After that, the product is covered with a transparent layer of varnish and fired in the oven. Certain types of materials, such as wood, do not provide for additional kiln firing. Instead, additional layers of lacquer are used. This way it is possible to use the logo on wooden magnets, wooden nesting dolls and bottle cases, mugs, glass glasses and wine glasses, for any glass and ceramic souvenirs.

3. Laser engraving is a method of transferring images using a laser beam and without the use of paint. Although it is permissible to use a special, paint or paste to give the volume of the inscription or logo on this or that material. This is a long-lasting indelible option of applying your logo on any of the materials: wood, metal, glass.

4. Silk-screen printing - branding of products with the help of painting through special stencils. Such application is suitable for any souvenir products. As a rule, this allows you to get high-quality T-shirts and sweatshirts with a logo or inscription.

5. Embroidery - a method of applying to textile products, such as baseball caps, sweatshirts, towels, T-shirts.

6. Stamping is a method of drawing an image in which a pre-prepared metal stamp-cliche extrudes images onto materials such as: birch bark, leather, leatherette

So, here are a few steps before we receive the order:

1. Select the shape of a ceramic mug or other imaging product.

2. Definition of the method of drawing an image (decal or pad printing or others).

3. Send a file with a logo (inscription, image, etc.) in one of the formats CDR, AI, PSD, JPG.

4. Report the circulation.

5. Decide whether packaging is needed (from 30 rubles and higher the cost depends on the individual product)

6. Report the delivery address. Delivery is carried out in Moscow, Russia and anywhere in the world, where international mail operates.

- execution of the order of two weeks, depending on the volume.

Based on many years of experience and modern technology, we will execute your order quickly, efficiently and at minimum prices.

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We hope that preliminary preliminary information will help you solve the problems, and you will contact us to discuss the details and ordering by e-mail at export@goldengrail.com.