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Metal magnets

Manufacture of metal magnets by tampon printing method - Brightness and expressiveness of an elite advertising campaign.


Such insignificant advertising tricks as the choice expensive materials for production, high quality of distributed products and close attention to detail create a powerful impetus for attracting customers by creating a presentable image of the company and the reputation of a high-yielding high-priced brand. Numerous studies conducted by our clients and major rating agencies led us to the idea of ​​creating a line for the production of magnets with a logo on our own enterprise, which makes it possible to create a brand of our clients as a stable and prosperous business.

The head and owner of the company, Novikov Sergey Alekseevich, managed to develop and implement a project that allows to provide affordable cost of production of souvenirs, which is considered expensive for many.


Tampon printing on metal is the choice of those who can count


The technology of tampon printing on metal is not difficult, but it requires experience, attention and good equipment. The main advantages of applying logos to the metal with tampon printing are the ability to transfer images to relief surfaces with complex geometry and to obtain a bright expressive accurately reproduced picture.

Manufacture of magnets from metal - your design, our seal


Most often, customers send us files with the image of their logos in old formats, and we conduct a check of design mock-ups for compliance with technical requirements and equipment capabilities. Then the image is decomposed into transparencies, each of which corresponds to any one ink.


Silicone printing plate - the basis for applying logos to magnets from metal


The next stage is the creation of a silicone printing plate, in which the grooves will correspond to the elements being sealed. The image is projected onto a wet silicone plate and polymerized by photo irradiation.

Создание силиконовой печатной формы в производстве металлических магнитовПроизводство сувенирных металлических магнитов

The polymerized parts are washed away. And then a silicone cliche is obtained.

Разработка клише для производства металлических магнитовПроизводство магнитов с логотипом компании 

Competent selection of paints is the basis for excellent color rendering.

The next stage is the selection of colors. If the seal is multicolored, then a certain color is applied to each silicone mold and the choice of color is of great importance.

Производство металлических магнитов любых цветов

Подбор красок для производства металлических магнитовНанесение логотипов любых цветов на металлические магниты

The cliche and magnetic blank are placed on the machine, a small amount of paint is applied to the surface of the brush shape, all the printing elements are filled, the squeegee removes excess paint.

Станок для нанесения изображения на металлический магнитЗагрузка краски в станок тампопечати металлических магнитов


Drawing logos on metal magnets: all ingenious is simple


In contact with the silicone cliche, a special tampon made of elastic material removes the ink from the printed elements on its own surface. Then transfers the image to it, pressing against the metal workpiece. The finished magnets are dried and then varnished. As a result, a durable, wear-resistant coating is obtained.

Производство металлических магнитов на заказ, нанесение логотипов заказчика



The price of metal magnets of our production is below the market


The equipment installed at our manufacturing plant allows the production of promotional metal magnets using blanks with a diameter of 5 cm by tampon printing. The minimum order for an individual order is 100 magnets. The price of metal magnets with a logo, including the cost of manufacturing a silicone mold, the use of high-quality metal blanks and printing on high-precision electronic equipment is much lower than the market counterparts offered by our competitors.

Contact us right now, and the personal manager will consult you on all the issues that arise, help you calculate the cost of the order, tell you about the profitable offers, discounts and promotions in our virtual store, and will accompany all stages of the production process.

We do our best to make customers satisfied! And they answer us with gratitude, wonderful reviews and, of course, come back to us again and again!