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For wholesale buyers

Buy souvenirs and gifts in bulk? At low price? It's for us!

After registration, you get a personal cabinet in which you can see personal analytical data and discounts, and the opportunity to be the first to know about our news and promotions.

Constantly updated catalog, convenient search on the site and specially designed order form, allows you to select the necessary assortment and analyze the purchases of previous periods - all this makes working with our site as comfortable as possible.

For wholesale buyers and regular customers, we provide special privileges:

Заключение договоров

Conclusion of permanent contracts on mutually beneficial terms.

Deferred payment, return and exchange of goods, delivery and legal security of the transaction.

Быстрая сбока заказов


Fast assembly of orders.

We appreciate your time and strictly observe the agreed terms.


Персональный менеджер


A personal manager.

Consultation and assistance at any time. Help in choosing the best options.


Контроль качества продукции

Quality control of the supplied products.

We monitor the quality of the products supplied. All products have high security parameters.

Гибкая система скидок

Flexible system of discounts

The more you buy, the higher the saving amount

Доставка в удобное время


Delivery to a convenient place and time.

We will give you a choice of place and time and bring the goods exactly on time.

Полный комплект документов


Providing a complete set of documentation for legal entities

Обмен и возврат товара


Exchange and refund

If you do not like it, we will refund the money.


Штрикодирование товара



Time-saving and accounting automation



We work every day to justify your wildest expectations!


Do you still have questions? Ask them to our specialists. Perhaps we already have the answer?


Заключение договоров

Conclusion of contracts

"Golden Grail" appreciates regular customers and does everything to ensure that cooperation with us was not only mutually beneficial, but also long-term.

The terms of cooperation with legal entities are discussed on an individual basis and include deferred payment, return and exchange of goods, delivery and timely provision of a package of necessary documents.

We work with legal entities on the basis of a standart contrac, for which you need to write to us at export@GoldenGrail.com or use the feedback form. Managers of the "Golden Grail" will contact you immediately to agree on the terms of cooperation. By prior arrangement, we are ready to create a trial lot of samples for you so that you can get acquainted with the quality of the products.


We accept client contracts for consideration and are ready upon request to provide the full package of documents required for legal support.



Персональный менеджер

The personal manager

Wholesale customers are provided with a personal manager who will help with the choice, consult on the availability and timing of receipt of a particular product, bill, and help solve any problems that arise. Our experts are well versed in souvenir products, they know the features of these or other products, their scope, as well as the benefits and limitations in use.







We love our regular customers and have developed a flexible system of discounts.


To get acquainted with the retail prices for our products, please click here. As the volume of supplies increases, you can expect to reduce selling prices. The minimum amount of shipping for wholesale customers is $ 500.


Order price


From 2 to 500 $

Retail price

More than 500 $


More than 850 $


More than 1 200 $


More than 1 800 $

Call, we will agree!


You can download the wholesale price list and get acquainted with the full list of goods after registration and entering your personal cabinet. As a result of negotiations, your account will be assigned wholesale prices. The size of the final discount will depend on the volume of supply and on the additional conditions of cooperation prescribed in the contract.


Сборка заказов

Assembling orders

We will issue an invoice and get in touch with you to agree on delivery dates within 1 business day from the receipt of the order.


At the request of the client or depending on the availability of goods in the warehouse, delivery can be carried out in parts or at a time. The buyer receives an approximate shipment deadline, during which the production of the missing products takes place and the additional delivery from remote warehouses. After the completion of the order, the final date is agreed. We appreciate your time and try our best to get your order in the shortest possible time. The maximum time that the acquisition of large and complex orders takes is 14 calendar days.


Контроль качества продукции

Quality control

Quality control of all goods sold by our company is carried out in the production process and upon receipt from third-party suppliers. We carefully ensure that the materials used in the manufacture of our products have the highest safety parameters, and there was no waste in the finished products.


In order to completely eliminate possible misunderstandings, we carry out final control, at the time of shipment of goods from our warehouse. It allows you to guarantee customers only quality products.

Доставка в удобное место и время


Delivery of orders for Moscow and the Moscow region is carried out by own motor transport. For regular customers, when ordering from $ 520, the delivery is free and is made on an agreed monthly schedule. In other cases, the cost and terms are discussed individually.

We carry out shipment to the TC "Business Lines" or any other transport company at the client's choice, if need to delivere outside the Moscow region.


When choosing your courier delivery, our employee agrees on a convenient additional place and time of receiving the order by phone, "day to day".


Полный комплект документов


"Golden Grail" provides its customers with a full set of shipping documents. Accounts, invoices form of TORG-12, invoices of the established pattern, certificates of acceptance and transfer for the services performed, as well as a sales receipt.






Обмен и возврат товара

Exchange and refund

"Golden Grail" exchanges and returns goods within 14 calendar days.

During this period, the shall be returned to the unbreaked , not broken, not used, not having marks of foreign marking, retaining the presentation and suitable for further sale.


All the goods supplied by our company undergo double quality control, but if the client discovers hidden marriages or internal manufacturing defects, you can return the goods within 30 days and we will fully refund your cost, except for the cost of delivery.


Штриховое кодирование


To save time for receiving supplies by legal entities, as well as to automate the accounting and identification of goods, the packaging of our products is marked with labels containing a bar code (EAN-13), the name of the product and information about the manufacturer.