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Matryoshka manufacturing

Production and painting of traditional Russian matryoshkas is a favorite offspring and the basis of business

The production base of the Internet shop for souvenirs and gifts "Golden Grail" is located in the nearest Moscow suburbs in Sergiev Posad, in the motherland of the matryoshka. Our first and main direction is the production and painting of traditional Russian matryoshkas. It appeared in 2000 and served as a launching pad for the production and sale of Russian national souvenirs. And it became the basis of a stable and successful business. This is where timber is produced, drying, aging, cutting and all the numerous operations for painting and varnishing our products.

A real matryoshka is a work of art, in which much patience, work, and talent are invested. A true master, from whose hands unique and durable products emerge, one must be born. Therefore, our production is so proud of its employees, carvers and artists. They are the keepers of the traditions of Russian folk crafts. They create wonderful souvenirs with laborious work, worthy of the most famous world collections.


The correct preparation and aging of materials is the basis for the production of real Russian matryoshkas.


Wood preparation is a laborious process that requires free space, many years of experience and special knowledge. The hereditary carver Yury Timofeevich Fedotov is engaged in the selection, drying, cutting of materials for our wooden products, makes blanks for painting, and subsequently all this turns into beautiful matryoshkas throughout of his life. Therefore, our leadership especially appreciates him.

Токарь по дереву, производство заготовок матрешеккРаспиловка древесины, производство заготовок матрешек

Yuri Timofeyevich knows how to choose good trunks in a rustling linden grove, knows the timing and rules of cutting, knows the secrets of correct wood processing, and knows the peculiarities of the technology of aging and drying of blanks for hand-carved wood carving like no other. The wood goes all the way from the forest to a specially equipped hangar, in which the stacks of matryoshka bars have been kept for several years. And all this happens under the strict guidance of Yuri Timofeevich.

Подбор и заготовка древесины для производства матрешекСушка и подготовка древесины для производства матрешек

Заготовка древесины для производства матрешекСкладирование, хранение и сушка древесины для производства матрешекПодготовка чурки для токарного станка на производстве матрешек


Wooden carving: many years of experience and accuracy of each movement

Cutting wooden dolls is a painstaking creative process that takes a lot of time and requires the master experience and concentration. First, the smallest doll is cut from the workpiece, then the bottom of the next largest one, so that the components of the future toy fit perfectly into each other.

Вытачивание нижней части матрешки на токарном производстве Золотой ГраальВытачивание заготовки матрешки на токарном производстве Золотой Грааль

The upper part of the second largest matryoshka is extremely accurately docked with the bottom so that the halves are snug against each other, and the doll does not break up into two parts when trying to turn or shake. All the following dolls are made in order, beginning with the lower part joining them into a single colorful ensemble.

Примерка внутреннего вкладыша матрешки на токарном производстве Золотой ГраальПроверка соответствия размеров нижней и верхней частей матрешки на производстве матрешек Золотой Грааль

Many years of experience, the automatism of the verified movements and the ability to see in the usual wooden bar the smooth lines of the future Russian beauty help Yuri Timofeevich to create unique souvenirs, demanded by the most captious connoisseurs of matryoshka craft in Russia and abroad.

Токарь производства матрешек Золотой ГраальГотовая заготовка матрешки на токарном станке

Резцы для ручной работы на токарном станке по деревуСтружка на токарном производстве

The ideal workpiece is the basis for the quality of a matryoshka


Each cut out doll is dried in assembled form, so that the resulting matryoshka halves are tightly threaded on each other and do not hang out. Then the blanks are smooth out, polished and several layers of primer are applied. Each layer should dry up under a special temperature regime to avoid the appearance of streaks and damp spots.

Готовые заготовки матрешек на производстве Золотой ГраальГотовая верхушка заготовки матрешки

Traditional hand-painted are unique souvenirs from unique people

And finally the comes turn of painting. Women join the cause. Like any folk art craft, Matryoshka painting requires mastery,  refined movements, knowledge of traditions, understanding of the history of the appearance of certain folk motifs in the patterned canvas, and, of course, the good mood.


Our artists are bright, soul-filled talented girls who have been improving their national skills and truly Russian style for many years. Each of them can tell the story of hereditary artists or narrating about the preservation of family and professional traditions and the transfer of secrets of mastery from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter.

Художницы производства матрешек Золотой ГраальХудожница цеха росписи матрешек за работой

Художница по росписи матрешекЦех росписи матрешек Золотой Грааль

Подрастающее поколение художницХудожница по росписи матрешек Золотой Грааль

The finishing touch to the portrait of the symbol of Russia


Wooden matryoshkas, painted in traditional style, are dried for a few days in a special room, and then they enter the varnishing shop. Covering the wooden toy with lacquer is a responsible and not easy to perform operation. After all, the appearance of the product depends on the final processing of the souvenir and one careless movement can easily spoil the work of many people. The surface of the finished product should be perfectly even, without streaks, visible smears and microcracks.

Готовые матрешки в цехе росписи Золотой ГраальГотовые матрешки на производстве компании Золотой Грааль

The lacquer is applied to the surface of the painted matryoshka. The master puts her hands in a container with varnish and with one sharp movement puts a coating on the surface of the toy.


At our factory the varnish is applied by spraying the lacquer coating onto matryoshkas placed on the pallet. If the batch is small, then the varnishers cover their hands, as their mothers and grandmothers taught. Lacquering is done in several layers, each of which is dried from 4-5 hours to 24 hours.

Матрешки в процессе лакировки

Manufacture of wooden products - no one can be better than us!


In today's domestic souvenir market, we are one of the best and most reliable suppliers. Our experience is more than fifteen years! During this time, we developed and managed to introduce the use of environmentally friendly and environmentally safe materials and techniques, certified paints and varnish coatings, attracted the best domestic suppliers for cooperation and are rightfully proud of our achievements and the reputation of long-term partners.

Готовая партия матрешек на производстве Золотой Грааль

We are constantly evolving and looking for interesting ideas every day. One of the latest ideas of our wonderful artists is a virtual designer, which allows the client to independently design the future souvenir. It is enough just to choose from the offered options decor elements matching your taste and send the order. We will do the rest ourselves. And a unique souvenir created by your imagination will be delivered to the address specified by you in the shortest possible time.

Contact us and we will give advice and answer any question you have!