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Internet dealers

Do you want to have your own business? Do you want to earn without leaving your home? Come, we will help!


Rapid development of Internet commerce today provides an opportunity to earn significant profits with minimal investment to almost anyone. Once making a purchase on the Internet store, the client, as a rule, evaluates the benefits of this type of shopping and subsequently returns to it more and more often. That is why Internet trading is one of the most profitable types of business today.


What is attractive for your own business in the field of virtual sales?

Open an online store or an electronic storefront is much cheaper than a real shop. Absence of rent and utility payments, expenses for staff salaries, installation and maintenance of trade equipment, as well as organization of protection and cleaning - all this will significantly reduce the cost of organizing your own business and its content.

Every year, the growing number of Internet users and the increasing share of electronic sites in wholesale and retail trade give the businessman the opportunity to make virtual customers its clients.

The 24-hour work of the electronic trading platform gives an opportunity to react instantly and adequately to the customers' requests.

Internet commerce provides an opportunity to receive a stable income without leaving home and to control business from anywhere in the world.

We offer you to try yourself in the field of virtual sales. Perhaps cooperation with us is your chance!


What can we offer you?

Cooperation with the Golden Grail company is:

- A wide range of unique products created by the hands of Russian masters from across the country, which are collected and provided in one place.

- We take full responsibility for the selection of demanded positions, market research, consumer preferences analysis, and coordination of working conditions with masters who are often located in remote corners of the country. You get a professionally selected range of goods sold at low prices.

- Professionals in the field of advertising and marketing created an extensive photo database, video materials, detailed descriptions and product characteristics. With the help of it you will be able to correctly design your personal online storefront, showcase the product at its best and cause the desire to order souvenirs from you.

- We provide qualified assistance in organizing virtual sales of our products, consulting experienced experts in real time.

- You have the opportunity to independently set the price level for the products of the Golden Grail company.

We do not limit dealers to the frames! Your trading margin can be any. To begin with, we recommend to study the price level offered by the online store of the Golden Grail company. But the final trading margin depends only on you. Your prices can be higher or lower than the prices on our Internet resource.

- Independent selection of commercial assortment. Of the huge number of items offered by the Golden Grail company, you have the opportunity to independently select products for further implementation on your electronic platform.

- High payback speed. The Golden Grail company provides its dealers with a low level of selling prices. There is an opportunity to set a significant mark-up for the end user, which makes it possible to recoup investments and start making profits practically from the first month of cooperation.

- Services for prompt delivery of goods ordered by your customers, anywhere in the world. You - make out an order with the help of convenient service on our website, we take care of all the hassle associated with the delivery of the goods to the final buyer.

- Special conditions when placing wholesale orders. When placing large orders, the dealer receives an additional discount from the price-list in XLS format (price-list in YML format) allowing to receive additional profit.


How to start cooperation?

To become a Gold Grail dealer, you need to fill out a form. After acquaintance with the questionnaire, our consultant will contact you to discuss the terms of cooperation.

Upon reaching favorable agreements for both partners, a dealer agreement is concluded between the future dealer and the "Golden Grail". It includes the terms of joint work, rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties.

The dealer deposits a deposit in the amount agreed in advance. From the deposit will be written off for the shipped orders. The client is provided with a report on the write-off and the balance of funds in the deposit account after each shipment.

Experienced professionals of the "Golden Grail" will help you in selecting the working assortment that you can put on accessible Internet resources: e-bay, molotok, Avito, your own online store, electronic showcase, etc.

We are ready to take courier or mail order delivery to your customers. To do this, you need to place an order, using the convenient service on our Internet resource.

Cooperation with the "Golden Grail" is reliable, profitable and very simple! We guarantee you comprehensive support, advice and assistance in solving any problems that arise.