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Souvenir magnets

Production of souvenir magnets: save it right!

First of all, many customers want to save money when they choose corporate souvenirs. In addition, the advertising budget is often only limited, and much more is needed. We offer you to save wisely, because there is nothing more sad than bad advertising materials of questionable quality. Save with us, save on the size of the batch, wholesale purchase of materials and good logistics scheme. Save on the discounts that we provide for wholesale customers. Own production of souvenir magnets from vinyl, metal and wood of online shop of souvenirs and gifts "Golden Grail" offers its customers the opportunity not to save on quality, and instead spend money wisely.

The production of vinyl magnets by direct digital printing is a mass souvenir for large advertising companies. 

The cheapest version of the souvenir production is a vinyl magnet. It is the easiest to manufacture, undemanding to the material, while bright, colorful and durable. Familiar to the mass consumer vinyl magnets in the production of large print runs are not enough, they do not spoil for years and attract attention with brightness and interesting drawings.

Производство виниловых магнитовЗаказать производство виниловых магнитовПроизводитель виниловых магнитов

Equipment for direct digital printing on vinyl, installed in our production, allows you to receive large quantities of quality products in a short time. These products are resistant to weathering, low susceptibility and abrasion and high strength. The manufacture of vinyl magnets of any size and shape is a familiar and problem-free operation for us. The minimum order for individual orders is 100 pieces. The timing may vary depending on the workload of the equipment and maintenance personnel. The average production time is about one week. To get your order faster, contact us, and we will try our best to make you satisfied!

Заказать производство магнитовЗаказать магниты


Manufacture of wooden magnets - an inexpensive souvenir of cheap stuff


A wooden souvenir magnet is a flat piece of natural wood, sometimes painted with safe natural paints and covered with environmentally friendly varnish, on the back surface of which the magnetic base is firmly adhered. The possibilities of equipment in our enterprise for laser engraving allow us to create a product of any size and shape, burn out the logo on it, place a contour or painted drawing.

Производитель деревянных магнитовЗаказать магнит по своему дизайну

Advertising campaigns are not always massive. Often, some of them are designed for a limited circle of exclusive or especially close and expensive customers. In this case, it is worth choosing for production more presentable material. The production of wooden magnets does not require multiple preparatory operations, as well as the creation of forms and cliches, which allows us to offer our customers reasonable prices, even for small lots. Our equipment makes it possible to take individual orders for parties from 100 pieces and perform them in a period of 7 days. We kindly ask you not to delay the choice and offer you to make an order right now, due to the pre-holiday workload, and the ever-increasing number of customers.

Лазерная резка заготовок для магнитовПроизводство деревянных изделий лазерной резкой и гравировкой


The production of metal magnets by the method of tampon printing - the brightness of colors on perpetual metal.

Metal is a material considered to be eternal. Magnets printed on a metal surface are presentable, produce a decent impression and can be stored for an unlimited amount of time. The method of tampon printing allows you to offer low prices for different-sized batch of metal magnets.

производство металлических магнитовЗаказать производство магнитов

The method of tampon printing allows you to get a bright expressive, effective and diverse image. Tampon printing on the metal surface of the magnet will allow you to diversify your advertising campaign, emphasize the corporate logo and give your image a touch of wealth, because metal is considered the most expensive material for making small souvenirs.

Equipment for the production of metal magnets by tampon printing allows making metal magnets not too expensive. The minimum batch of metal magnets produced on an individual order is 100 pieces. In the production of magnets, we use blanks with a diameter of 5 cm. The production time of this batch is at least a week.

Оборудование для печати магнитовПечатный станок для магнитов

Contact us right now, and qualified managers will calculate the provisional value of your order, orient on the terms. We guarantee that by contacting us, you will be satisfied with the result and will save money.