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Guarantees of authenticity and quality of goods - our corporate identity!

Our friendly team appreciates every customer and hopes that once you make a purchase, you will come back to us again and again. We have tried to create all possible conditions in order to earn the trust of customers:

Гарантия подлинности товаров

Guarantee of the authenticity of goods.

100% original goods. Protection against fakes!



Гарантия проверки на качество

Guarantee of checking orders before shipment.

You will receive exactly what you ordered!


Гарантия безопасности сделок


Guarantee of security of transactions.

We use secure data transmission channels and do not transfer customer information to third parties!



Гарантия качественного сервиса



Guarantee of quality service.

None of your question will not remain unanswered!


Гарантия возврата денег

Guarantee of return of the goods and compensation of money resources.

You are not satisfied - we will refund the money!





Гарантия подлинности товаров

We guarantee to our customers that the whole range of Folk crafts products is original goods made by the hands of folk craftsmen or experts from certified manufactories. All materials used in production are tested for compliance with the highest level of environmental safety.


Paints used for painting products are manufactured in Russian enterprises from high quality raw materials. Our suppliers are Yaroslavl manufacturers of paint and varnish products and the Gamma factory, which creates harmless and environmentally friendly water-based paints.

Material for making carved wooden items and matryoshkas are such types of wood: birch and linden. The tree is dried in natural conditions for three years, before the artist's brush touches the wood billet.

Products offered by our store are delivered directly to the warehouse from Russian manufacturers. Each product is thoroughly tested for quality, safety and compliance with the declared descriptions. As a result, we can fully guarantee its authenticity. We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with craftsmen and buyers. Therefore, you will not find fakes on our shelves!

Гарантия проверки на качествоWe guarantee our customers that we will carefully check the order for product quality, the absence of defects and manufacturing defects before shipment. If at any time, the product chosen by you is not available, the replacement will be agreed with you! We will replace the missing product with another, similar, having an equal or higher level of quality, but at the same price.

Having made an order in our store, you can be sure that you will receive the goods absolutely exactly corresponding to the description and all parameters agreed with you. The desire of the client is the law for the seller! 


Гарантия безопасности сделок We guarantee the security of transactions to our customers. Before your application form is sent over the Internet, it will be encrypted using secure

SSL technology. Protection from the leakage of personal data, credit card numbers and payment information is our responsibility to all customers without exception.


You can pay for your order online through the Uniteller processing center, the security of which is confirmed by the security standard of the payment card industry data PCI DSS. Intelligent system for monitoring fraudulent transactions provides reliability of services using 3D Secure - a modern technology to ensure the security of Internet payments. Your card details are entered on a special secure payment page. Information transferring to the processing center of Uniteller occurs using SSL-encryption technology. Further transfer of information is carried out through closed banking channels, which have the highest level of reliability. Uniteller does not transfer your card data to the store and other third parties.


Our company is officially registered in all controlling state bodies and has all the necessary documents and certificates that are provided to customers on the first request! We pay taxes and do it on time. You can be completely sure of the legal and economic security of our teamwork when you sign a contract with us.


Гарантия качественного сервиса

We guarantee our customers the best service. You will receive exactly what you wanted, in full and on time! And it is at the price that is indicated on the site.


The pages of our store reflect the current stock remains, which will allow you to successfully plan the timing of receipt of a particular product.


Experts of our support service are ready to give advice on any question you have. You just need to contact us at export@GoldenGrail.com and we will solve any problem as soon as possible!


Гарантия возврата денег

We guarantee to our customers 100% return of the purchased goods within 14 days from the receipt of the order.


If you are not satisfied with the received goods, please write to us by e-mail: export@GoldenGrail.com. Inform your order number. We are ready to discuss the issues and resolve any problem.

If you are determined to return the purchased goods, we are ready to accept it back and guarantee a refund of money after deduction of the amount spent for delivery.

Send your application to our e-mail address not later than 14 days after receiving the order. Returned goods should not have any traces of use, external and internal damages, as well as foreign markings or traces thereof.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the delivery of the returned goods is carried out by the client and at his expense (except for large wholesale buyers with whom permanent contracts are concluded).