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Vinyl magnets

Production of vinyl magnets - high demand for high quality

Today, more and more of our customers prefer vinyl magnets, as promotional products, forcing us to keep pace with the times. Vinyl magnets have high image quality, durability and color saturation, are strong in bending and are not subject to atmospheric influence. In addition, vinyl is easy to process, excellent for cutting, and is affordable in terms of printing costs. That is why the decision to purchase and introduce into its own production base an additional department for the production of vinyl magnets, became for the team of the online gift shop and gifts "Golden Grail" a conscious necessity.

Печать виниловых магнитов на заказПроизводство виниловых магнитов


Vinyl magnets with a logo are the best choice for your advertising strategy.


Magnetic Vinyl is a flexible polymer made from a mixture of vinyl and ferrite, which imparts magnetic properties to the material. We offer our customers products of sheet vinyl, about 1.5 mm thick, since the magnetization of the finished product depends on the thickness.

Producing magnets from vinyl is beneficial. The material is durable and resistant to wear, can withstand a wide range of temperature changes, does not crack and does not dry when exposed to direct sunlight, and is also not exposed to moisture. Magnetic vinyl is non-toxic and does not contain chemical impurities except ferrite, therefore it is safe for the environment and human health.

Материалы для изготовления виниловых магнитовМагнитная лента для производства виниловых магнитов

At the same time, the technological features of our equipment imply the use of a large-format printer and large vinyl roles for printing, so the minimum batch by individual order is 100pcs. The production period from the moment of agreement with the customer of the image layout is at least 7 days.


Preparation of the layout is the basis for the success of the advertising campaign.


Preparation of the layout for printing is carried out by designers in the graphic program. The development of the logo, the color solution and the visual embodiment of the ideas are entirely up to you. We just bring your ideas in line with the technical capabilities of the equipment used.

Разработка дизайна винилового магнитаРазработка макета винилового магнита


The production of vinyl magnets by direct printing - the best equipment, affordable prices.


After matching the layout, the image file is sent to a wide-format printer that selects colors and resolution. After that, printing is carried out.

Печать виниловых магнитов на заказПроизводство виниловых магнитов

Оборудование для печати виниловых магнитов

Plotter performs high-speed cutting and cutting of printed graphics on the contour, after which the magnetic sheet is easily divided into finished products.

Вырубка виниловых магнитовВырезка виниловых магнитов


Vinyl magnets manufactured by direct digital printing - your advertising will work just fine!


Magnetic vinyl is usually used to place on metal boards, walls and other surfaces as promotional materials, pointers or decorative elements. The method of direct digital printing of souvenir vinyl magnets makes it possible to obtain the most high-quality and durable products with excellent color rendition, as much as possible resistant to aggressive environmental influences and especially strong for bending and torsion.

We guarantee our customers the highest quality of their own products, the minimum possible time and affordable prices. Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for organizing your advertising campaign or creating a fund of corporate souvenirs.