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Our production is the basis of business, pride and responsibility.


Own production was organized in the motherland of the matryoshka, in the Sergiev Posad, in 2000. Then the market of souvenirs was oversaturated with low-quality Chinese goods, and the company's management was ashamed to sell such keychains to its customers.

Therefore, the founder and the permanent director of the company, Sergei Alekseevich Novikov, came up with the idea to create a small enterprise that produces matryoshkas, from the harvesting of wood, to hand painting of brightly assembled dolls.

Since then, 17 years have passed. During this time, a small factory near Moscow grew and became stronger. Today, the production base of the company "Golden Grail" specializes in the creation of traditional Russian matryoshkas, on printing logos on souvenir products of customers, on the production of souvenir plates and mugs, and includes a shop for the development and production of wooden, metal and vinyl souvenir magnets.

The production of matryoshkas is still the leading direction of activity.

On the territory of the former single room of the factory, today there are premises for harvesting and storing high-quality wood from which matryoshkas are made;

Заготовка древисины для токарного производства Золотой ГраальСушка древесины в естественных условиях 3 года

Распиловка древесины на токарном производствестружка на токарном производстве

Turning shop, which became a haven of hereditary craftsmen, turning wooden chunks into works of folk art;

Вытачивание деревянной заготовки матрешкиГотовая заготовка матрешки

And, of course, a small but very important art painting workshop that gathered under its wing unique Russian craftsmen capable of creating a pair of fine brush strokes known all over the world Sergiev Posad dolls, which became not only a symbol of the country, but also a talisman of a whole generation of Russians.


Цех росписи матрешек в Сергиевом Посаде

Художница Золотого Грааля - Маврина НатальяМатрешки в лакировке

Художница Золотого Грааля - Юхина ИринаХудожница Золотого Грааля - Маврина НатальяХудожница Золотого Грааля

Художница Золотого Грааля - Наталья Лаптева


Have you thought of ordering an exclusive Matryoshka as a gift? Or they wanted to create a unique corporate souvenir? Then we suggest you read more about our matryoshka production or immediately place an order! Our unique designer allows you to create a sketch of a future matryoshka yourself!


Production of souvenir plates. Drawing of logos. Sublimation and decal

As the development of advertising appeared and began to develop the demand for printing logos on matryoshkas, ashtrays, dishes and, of course, magnets. This prompted us to create a small workshop for the production of branded souvenirs. Over time, this workshop has grown to a full-fledged production unit. To date, private orders have been carried out and serial releases of souvenir mugs and plates have been carried out. Samples are in the virtual catalog.


Our competitive advantages are flexible prices, short terms of making souvenirs, equipment for decal and thermo transfer, which is responsible for the quality of each manufactured product and guarantees the best color rendering, brightness, high detail of images and durability of using our products.

ТермопечьУпаковка готовых декоративных тарелок

Are you looking for a company that produce corporate souvenirs for you quickly and efficiently at unique prices and best conditions? Or you just want to buy a beautiful souvenir plate as a gift. In any case, you came to the address, make the order!

The production of souvenir magnets is a perspective direction for the development of the advertising industry.


The new and perspective direction of the advertising industry (manufacture of magnets with the symbols of cities, images of architectural monuments, with company logos and emblems of conferences and exhibitions) give us another unique opportunity to improve production and business development. The installation of a plotter printing on vinyl and a laser cutting device for wood made it possible to establish a complete cycle of production of wooden and vinyl magnets, from the creation and selection of sketches, to the final painting and varnishing of wooden samples.

Резка фанеры лазерным станкомПроизводство деревянных магнитов

Производитель виниловых магнитовПроизводство магнитов

You can easily order a batch of magnets for your advertising campaign, conference or exhibition right now. Or just make pleasant to a few friends. Contact us, and we will place an order and consult you on any questions!


Own production - own rules!


Our production is not only a legitimate occasion for pride, but also a huge responsibility to customers, which we are fully aware of. As manufacturers, we are competent to advise clients on equipment, technologies, materials used, terms and conditions of storage. And of course, only we decide what stocks and discounts are ready to offer you!

Many years of trade contacts with manufacturers of other matryoshkas allow us to diversify the range and offer our customers traditional matryoshkas of our own production, Semenov matryoshkas, and Maidan-matryoshkas. All this and much more you can order on the pages of our virtual store!