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For partners

Own business together with us is convenient simply and profitable!

Partnership with the Golden Grail is a great opportunity to try your hand at own business and e-commerce.


To become our dealer and start selling souvenirs and gift products, you must have a minimum of your own investments of 500$.

Partnership with us gives you:

  1. 1. Full support and assistance in the work on the organization of virtual sales of the Golden Grail products.

    2. Monthly turnover of 1800$  per month, with due attention.

    3. The opportunity to enter into profit from the first month.

    4. Absence of any payments (no rent, utility payments, commissions).

    5. You are not attached to a specific place and are able to carry out their activities while on the beach of your favorite resort.

    6. The ability to independently set the mark-up on the product at its discretion.

Terms of cooperation:

  1. 1. Your price for the product can be any: lower, equal, or higher than the price level presented on our Internet resource GoldenGrail

    2. Control and support your virtual balance of funds. Delivery of goods to your orders to the final buyer is carried out strictly on the condition of a positive monetary balance.

    3. The right to use photographs and characteristics of goods taken from our Internet resource.

    4. Independent selection of commodity positions and control of sales prices.

    5. Independent registration of orders for delivery to your customers through a convenient mechanism on our website.

    6. Special conditions for placing wholesale orders.

How to start working with us:

To become a dealer of the Golden Grail for the sale of souvenirs and gift items, you should fill out an application (questionnaire)

Last name
First name
Middle name
Retail experience /
Current line of business
Do you have a web site /
Its URL if applicable:
Which resources do you plan
to use for selling the products

We will contact you after acquaintance with the questionnaire in order to discuss the details of the forthcoming joint work.

  1. 1. We sign a contract on joint cooperation.

    2. You make a money transfer of 500$

    3. You receive materials from us for all goods in electronic form (price list of the dealer, photos, characteristics of goods).

    4. We help you with the selection of your working assortment.

    5. You expose the goods for sale at favorable prices on the available Internet resources: molotok, own online store and other Internet sites.

    6. You make an order in your personal account with the indication of your client's mail requisites (contact details with your client are not required!)

    7. We carry out postal or courier delivery of the order to your final buyer.

    8. We guarantee not to provide your buyer with contact information with the Golden Grail. That is, we do not violate your interests and retain the possibility of placing a customer on a re-order on your Internet resources.

    9. We write off the cost of the order (the cost of the order = the cost for the goods + the cost of delivery) from your money balance after the order is sent and we inform you of the order completed: the confirmation of dispatch, the number of the postal receipt, the balance of the balance.

    10. You send new orders and replenish the balance with a money transfer, when the money balance is approaching zero.