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Cup and plate - sublimation

Sublimation printing images on mugs and plates is a guarantee of quality by expanding production.

Own production of mugs and plates by sublimation is not a whim and a tribute to us, but a conscious necessity connected with the desire of the management of our company and the director personally, Novikov Sergey Alekseevich, to fully guarantee to our customers the quality and safety of the souvenirs being purchased. Do you want to get proven, quality corporate souvenirs at an affordable price and with a guarantee? Then you have come to the right place!

High quality and long-term use of souvenir tableware with an image obtained by the sublimation method is possible only with full observance of the technological cycle and use of a thermophilic tableware with a polymer layer during the thermal-transfer entering into a strong bond with the dye, and for printing - sublimation paper. That is why in order to avoid dependence on the integrity of third-party manufacturers and in the hope of fully guaranteeing our customers the quality of ready-made souvenirs, we purchased and installed in our own production facilities all the equipment necessary for sublimation transfer, and we purchase materials from verified suppliers only.


Sublimation is the stamina of the picture, the photographic quality of the image and the excellent color rendering.


In recent years, thanks to the development of a coloring powder that is capable of passing through a liquid phase without heating, it immediately becomes gaseous and penetrates into the surface to be treated, and then, when the temperature is lowered a new direction of production of souvenirs is firmly established on this surface sublimation printing of images on Glass, ceramic or porcelain surfaces.


Sublimation gives not only a chemical resistant, UV-resistant and a low-impact saturated image of photographic quality, but also provides a product that is suitable for long-term, trouble-free use, all at a relatively low price.


Sublimation thermal-transfer is a technological process that requires strict adherence to the conditions, therefore, at the considerably expanded and modernized department of the manufacture of souvenir tableware, which is a part of the production base of the Internet shop for souvenirs and gifts "Golden Grail", lies a huge responsibility.

Use of the right materials is an important aspect of the production of souvenir dishes by the method of sublimation.

With the help of high-precision printing equipment on a special sublimation paper having a porous structure, a slide image is printed. The sublimation paper is capable of capturing ink elements when printing an image and giving it away during high-temperature transfer. The slide must be created in a mirror image, as the picture will turn horizontally 180 degrees when transferred to the surface.


In addition to the porous structure, the sublimation paper must have a dense substrate. Since the less ink the substrate absorbs, the more ink remains in the pores and gets to the surface of the product. The use of sublimation paper with a dense substrate and a large number of pores makes it possible to create bright, colorful and saturated colors on the surface of souvenir plates and mugs.


Compliance with the technological cycle - the basis of the quality of the finished product.

The printed and dried transparencies with insensitive high temperature tape are fixed on a special thermophilic dishes that absorbs the dye upon heating and retains the dye in its structure upon cooling. In addition, thermophilic dishes withstands heating up to 200 degrees during thermal transfer. Then the prepared mug or plate is placed in a special thermal press, in which it is heated to 200 degrees for several minutes.


Observance of the technological cycle and the time of keeping the dishes in the thermo press is extremely important. If there is not enough time, white spots may appear on the finished product. Or the image will be blurred if you overdo and overheat the dishes. 


Mug by sublimation method - low price, guaranteed quality.


After removal from the thermo-press, the product is cooled, the scotch and the sublimation paper are removed and a colorful, long-lasting souvenir article is obtained. This product will serve as an excellent gift for the most experienced connoisseur or decorate an exquisite collection by itself.


The production of souvenir mugs and plates by the method of sublimation thermal transfer does not require the use of muffle furnaces and high-precision electronic equipment, nor does it have a harmful effect on the environment. This makes the use of this method economically viable. We suggest you buy a souvenir mug made by sublimation. The price of this mug will be lower, for example, mugs made with the help of decoding technology, but the quality does not give way to decals. At our production plant, quality and safety control is constantly carried out. This allows us to ensure that the product you purchased will meet the highest standards. You will be satisfied.

Do you take thought, where to order souvenir mugs or plates for the exhibition? Do you reflect on the design of corporate souvenirs? Contact us, and we will make your order in the shortest time and personally guarantee the quality of each product!


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