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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Очень много вопросов?


We are at any time ready to advise you on the range and prices, promptly solve any problems that arise and resolve the slightest doubts!
We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions to save your time.

We are at any time ready to advise you on the range and prices, promptly solve any problems that arise and resolve the slightest doubts!We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions to save your time.


Как сделать заказ на вашем сайте?1. How do I make an order on your site?


Choose the product group you are interested in in the product catalog or use the search mechanism at the top of the page. It is enough to enter the name of the desired product in the search box to see the proposed options. To explore individual products in more detail, click on the photo with the right mouse button.

When choosing a gift, you can use one of the many filters: at a price, an occasion, a holiday, to whom, and etc.

Place the goods in the basket, choose a convenient delivery method and place an order. You can find out more about the methods and terms of delivery here, and specify the payment options here.

Be careful when entering an email address, otherwise we can not reconcile the order and send delivery notices.

And that's all! That's so easy! Successful shopping for you!

Как оплатить выбранный товар?2.      How to pay for the selected product?

Pay for an order made in our online store. You can use cash to the courier or in the office at the time of receipt.

You can also use a bank card, Western Union, Blizko, Contact money transfer, Yandex Money Internet services, PayPal or cash on delivery upon receipt of the parcel by postal address.

And of course, you can transfer money from your account to your account or pay in cash at the Sberbank office.

Можно ли посмотреть на товар перед покупкой?3.      Can I look at the product before buying?


Yes, you can come to our office at Moscow, ul. Rustaveli, 3 Corp. 2 of. 9 (travel) and see the samples of the offered goods. To do this, you must first call us at +7 (495) 618-03-11, +7 (903) 686-75-41, specify the availability of the required assortment and agree on the exact time of the meeting. The managers of our company will meet you, demonstrate the assortment and answer all the questions that arise.

если товар не понравился4.      Can I cancel the goods if I did not like it, but it was brought by the courier?

Of course, if you did not like the goods, or you just changed your mind, you can refuse the order, but you still have to pay the cost of the courier's departure.



Отказался от заказа5.      Why should I pay for delivery to the courier if I did not take the goods?


Courier service in our company is self-supporting and the employee pays for travel expenses from his own pocket. If you brought goods of inadequate quality - this is the fault of the company. In this case, the cost of delivery will be compensated by the responsible employee. If you just changed your mind, the courier has done his job and it must be paid for.


Выезжают ли Ваши курьеры за МКАД?6.      Do your couriers leave the MKAD?

No, the courier service operates within the MKAD. In case of emergency, our employee can meet with you at the final metro station at a pre-agreed time. In the nearest Moscow region we deliver orders using the Post of Russia or through Express Mail.

Доставка в выходные и праздничные дни7.      Do you have the delivery and self-delivery in the holidays?


No, only on working days from 9 to 18 hours. Unfortunately, couriers in our company do not leave on weekends. Therefore, please try to plan your purchases in advance!



Минимальный размер заказа?8.      What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is 3 $. The maximum size is not limited.







Сроки комплектации заказа9.      How long does the order take? Can I receive the goods the next day if I am in Moscow?


The order is collected and delivered in Moscow within 2-3 hours in the presence of goods in the warehouse. In the absence of goods - it must be ordered.

We want to remind you that a significant part of the products presented on our website are the creations of the hands of folk craftsmen, whose production and bringing to the presentation requires time. That is why the maximum period of completion is 14 days. This is the time it takes to make an order and bring it to our office

On the pages of our site the latest information about the availability of goods in the warehouse is displayed.

Сколько стоит доставка?10.  How much does the delivery cost?


Delivery by courier in Moscow costs $ 5 and is carried out  within the MKAD on working days from 9 to 18 hours.

Outside the MKAD we deliver goods through the Post of Russia. The cost of delivery at mail tariffs in Russia is from $ 5, plus $ 4 per kilogram of weight of the parcel. Delivery times depend on the distance of the destination and average from 7 to 21 days.

There is, also, the possibility of receiving an order through DHL Express Mail. Delivery to the Moscow region when choosing express mail will cost around $ 43 per kilogram of weight of the parcel, in the cities of Russia $ 60 per kilogram, and abroad from $ 140 per kilogram. The delivery time in this case is reduced to 2-7 days, depending on the distance of the destination.

Wholesale orders for long-term contracts, we deliver our own vehicles within Moscow and the Moscow region for free. For transportation of large-tonnage cargoes to longer distances, we use transport companies whose cost of services can be specified on the corresponding sites.

The most useful service is the delivery of goods to remote areas of low transport accessibility, as well as to distant countries via air transportation. Such a service will cost you from 4 to 7 USD / kg depending on the volume of delivery and the destination airport.


Сроки нанесения логотипов и надписей11.  How long does the process of applying logos to products, as well as the production of portrait matryoshka, last?


Everything depends on the complexity of the work and the number of products ordered. But on average, the process of drawing a logo and drawings on a portrait matryoshka and branding a ceramic product takes about two weeks.



Макет для нанесения корпоративной символики12. Should I provide a layout when ordering products with corporate symbols or do you have your own designers?

The company does not have its own department of designe, so when we work with manufacturing products with corporate symbolsonly we take a ready-made layout provided by the client.

Production of portrait matryoshkas is carried out according to the photograph.




Минимальная партия для нанесения логотипов 13.  What is the minimum batch of products when applying the logo to corporate products?

Basically, the minimum lot is 50 pieces. Making less is unprofitable (for mugs, plates, magnets, keychain). The minimal lot of exclusive products, as well as portrait matryoshkas, is discussed individually.


Коллективные закупки14.  Do you work with the organizers of collective procurement?

Yes, the organizers of collective procurement receive a wholesale discount when ordering from $ 520, and with constant collective purchases - free shipping within the MKAD. As agreed, it is possible to bundle several orders into one, for easier distribution among participants in collective purchases.


Работа с Интернет магазинами15.  Do you work with online stores?

Oh sure. Our specialists are ready to provide weekly Internet resources for price in HML / YML format or according to your template, enter into permanent contracts and reserve inventory balances.



Торговые сети16.  Do you work with commercial network?

Our company has extensive experience of cooperation with the retail segment. We conclude agreements with commercial network on individual terms, arrange delivery, provide deferred payment, and are ready to consider the marketing budget when achieving high trading volumes.


Подарочный фонд компании17.  Is it possible to make the order lot of corporate gifts in your shop?

Of course you can! For corporate clients, we provide special conditions and are ready to assist you in choosing souvenirs on our Internet resource and create exclusive gifts for you.

There is also the possibility of creating an exclusive gift fund of the company and applying your logo to selected souvenirs.


Продукция для презентаций и выставок18.  Do you produce souvenirs for exhibitions and presentations on request?

Yes, our experts will offer you a huge selection of magnets, key rings, and souvenir mugs and plates, which will be your logo.

Branded souvenir products are the most powerful marketing tool that will allow you to leave vivid memories of your company or brand.