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Engraved gift – of particular relevance to special friends


What the Engraved gift? The opportunity to express its particular relevance to the loved one, focus on meaningful event and leave the memory in centuries. Engraving on souvenirs and commemorative gifts – your chance not just to tell your friends that you love them and appreciate, but also remind about it for many years every time their glance will linger in the warm words, verses or wishes, carved on expensive heart things.


Team Internet shop of souvenirs and gifts «Golden Grail» offers you the service of engraving on matryoshka dolls, cups, plaketkah, medals and podstakannikah. The cost of engraving depends on the length of the inscriptions, the font size and the amount of the original souvenir. Contact us right now, and we will help you choose a good object for engraving, refine the timing and cost of the work, advise on all questions and even, if necessary, come up with the text.

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Engraved gifts -  tradition store memory


The tradition of drawing engraving gifts came to us from the middle ages when master Jewelers started to tag your products special inscriptions, reminiscent of the wizard created an ornament. Gradually people customers expensive ornaments and weapons capability well engraving family relics of the coats of arms of the noble families and Royal regalia, and later a memorable inscriptions began to put on hand for special occasions and of the order.


Development of engraving as art gradually turned the drawing of emblems, ornaments and commemorative inscriptions of jeweller's art in a separate branch of culture, with its traditions, tools and art techniques. But the tradition to affix the engraving on the Watch, glasses, wooden products, Gift chess, caskets and order survived until our days.


Drawing engraving on souvenirs and gifts – a special surprise

 for a special occasion


Souvenir with engraving very appropriate for anniversaries, anniversary commemorative events and if the conscientious endeavour or good deals. Exit colleagues retire, new appointment respected leader, anniversaries of close and distant relatives, the wedding, the end of the Institute, the birth of children.


Engraving mark on gifts of wood, metal and plastic letters can be large or small, strong or fanciful fonts, and the inscription itself bear the wish memoirs or comprehensible only to the hero of the triumph of the sacramental sense. The main thing is that your attitude towards the addressee was special, and the event – an iconic and memorable.


Engraved gifts – our new, but promising direction


A friendly team of our virtual shop daily develops and is constantly looking for new ways to the hearts of customers. A satisfied customer – happy Manager, we believe, and therefore tried to offer you as many new products and services. Engraved gifts – one of the latest trends our production, so the price for this service, in spite of the highest quality, performance at the moment very, very moderate.


We help our clients to not only choose to engrave a worthy and suitable to the occasion of the object but also to provide a full range of services from consulting to packaging and delivery the finished product to the customer. We accepted warranty will give you the opportunity to not be afraid of low quality, or manufacturing defects, and wholesale discounts for permanent clients will make further cooperation with us not only enjoyable, but also profitable. If you wish to make a reservation now, call us, we are glad to see you!