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Nesting doll Traditional 10 pcs.
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Nesting doll Traditional 10 pcs.

47.35 USD
In stock:In stock. Ship. Aug 8, 2024
Sold since:Mar 30, 2016
Вес:1.70 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:25 cm
Диаметр:12 cm
Материал:дерево, липа

Nesting doll Traditional 10 pcs.

The first matryoshka appeared in the late 19th century. Traditional matryoshka had a simple at first sight, but at the same time difficult to reproduce the picture. In Sergiev Posad, in Soviet times worked in state factories that supplied their products for the entire Soviet Union and abroad. Currently, the descendants of these artists continue to share their experiences and pass on their skills to their children already. A traditional nesting doll usually consists of 3, 5, 7 or 10 dolls that are inserted into one another. Traditional style stands out from others for its brevity on the one hand, and the richness of bright colors on the other. Bright aprons and sundresses, chicken, rooster, kettle, tray, samovar – essential attributes of the first traditional nesting dolls. Matryoshka is executed on the workpiece, machined on our lathe by hand from Linden. Linden is the most suitable material, as this tree is soft and at the same time durable. All subsequent operations: grinding, priming, painting, varnishing-are also performed manually. When creating some types of traditional nesting dolls we use wax. This allows to obtain the similarity between the first matryoshka as it is a wax-covered dolls in the old days. You can buy a wonderful souvenir – the first traditional matryoshka doll, which will take its rightful place in any interior and will be a wonderful gift, reflecting all the delights of national art.

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