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Lacquer Box Kholuy Fiery - bird
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Lacquer Box Kholuy Fiery - bird

32.60 USD
In stock:1
Sold since:Jul 18, 2016
Вес:0.55 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:4 cm
Ширина:17 cm
Глубина:9 cm

Lacquer Box Kholuy Fiery - bird

March, 8. Birthday. Or, anniversary. No, holidays, certainly, are good but what to give? And, the main thing, what sense to put in a gift. Flowers, champagne, tickets to cinema, theatre, cards, dresses, jewelry, parfume - on all it by fat letters is written - BANALITY. Nobody argues, all these things are good, but every year to give similar gifts? Compliments are too rather ambiguous entertainment they are usually sound very false. Give compliment without words. Show it. Show impression. What about this casket speaks? About fiery passion, about burning desire, the basic instinct, etc. and so forth. So strong ,that even you sometimes involuntarily move back, being afraid to be burnt. Try to give such gift - it will be pleasant for her.

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