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Lacquer Box Kholuy Village of  Uglich
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Lacquer Box Kholuy Village of Uglich

22.50 USD
In stock:In stock. Ship. Dec 10, 2020
Sold since:Jul 18, 2016
Вес:0.65 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:4 cm
Ширина:16 cm
Глубина:9 cm
Материал:дерево, липа

Lacquer Box Kholuy Village of Uglich

Small cities are especial in each country. As Updike wrote, all American Springfields are similar one to another. But in Russia all is absolutely in another way. Small town Uglich - a very pleasant place, despite of its bloody reputation. And can even due to it. The mysterious death of tsarevitch Dmitry involves it in unhealthy interest for some centuries. Everyone comes there, goes around of this gloomy yard and thinks: How is it possible to fall to a knife so awkwardly? What a rigid suicide . And in fact it is al they think about! They do not notice beautiful green avenues along Volga, do not notice the kind, hospitable population, and even the Volga. They re thinking only about wonders of epilepsy. The city is named Uglich (Russian word Ugol means coal ) - who wants, can light from this piece of coal a flame which will warm him all life. Come there! Buy this casket if you do not want to forget about it. Also bypass the gloomy people, who are thinking: How could it be?

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