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Lacquer Box Kholuy Snowmaiden
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Lacquer Box Kholuy Snowmaiden

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In stock:In stock. Ship. May 13, 2021
Sold since:Jul 18, 2016
Вес:0.65 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:4 cm
Ширина:16 cm
Глубина:9 cm

Lacquer Box Kholuy Snowmaiden

The winter is a season which too many associates with Russia. Basically, it is fair, because we are famous for terrible frosts and completely devil-may-care attitude to them. But, despite of all its fierce, the winter in our country is fine. Deep sparkling snowdrifts, high fur-trees in snow clothes and puddles frozen up to a condition of a mirror, at last. It is not surprising, that in many national legends the winter appears like fine young girl in the magnificent order. Do not miss a rare opportunity to touch to a terrestrial embodiment of furious and majestic Mother-winter.

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