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Chess set Chess set Palekh
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Chess set Chess set Palekh

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In stock:In stock. Ship. Feb 4, 2021
Sold since:Jul 18, 2016
Вес:4.00 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:7 cm
Ширина:48 cm
Глубина:48 cm

Chess set Chess set Palekh

We are glad to have the chance to offer our clients such pretty and exclusive Russian souvenirs like this chess-board. A wonderful gift!!! There is something special in chess that makes it distinguishable from the uniform environment. At the one hand it is a home game but different from domino. At the other hand it is a sport but it could hardly be compared with football or swimming. To some extent it is a science and even an art but you wouldn’t uphold a thesis on it or exhibit it in a museum. Despite its habitual character chess will always be covered with a mysterious haze of Indian exotic, antiquity and mysticism. Size of a board - 48x48 cm. Maximal height of a figure - 11 cm.

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