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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Snowball B
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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Snowball B

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Sold since:Sep 8, 2016
Вес:0.35 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:18 cm

Nesting doll 5 pcs. Snowball B

Recently Russian nested doll became a fashionable souvenir­. Beautifully painted and expensive nested dolls are on sale ­ to foreigners as an original symbol of Russia, as a typical Russian souvenir. Behind this hobby we have forgotten, that a nested doll - not only ­ an ornament or a souvenir, but that it - first of all a toy for children. At what very useful toy. Any modern grant can envy its pedagogical value. This remarkable national toy had the deserved recognition at Russian teachers and was considered as a classical didactic ­ material, as original national gift to small children. By means of a nested doll it is possible to learn to allocate children different qualities ­ of size, to compare subjects on height, width, colour and volume. All it, certainly, promotes hand and eye coordination, develops perception and thinking of small children.

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