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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Super cathedrals
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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Super cathedrals

35.10 USD
In stock:In stock. Ship. Jun 6, 2024
Sold since:Jun 21, 2016
Вес:0.45 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:18 cm
Материал:дерево, липа

Nesting doll 5 pcs. Super cathedrals

Souvenir nested doll - the most known Russian beauty. It`s known worldwide and is a symbol of Russian people. The nested doll Super cathedrals is made of a tree and decorated by a manual work's art. On each of nested dolls is represent one of the most known places of pilgrimage of Russia, such as the Temple of the Christ the Savior or St.Basil's Cathedral . This traditional Russian souvenir will be a perfect gift for your family, friends, colleagues and foreign partners. Give to your relatives a particle of Russia. You can buy the Nested doll Super Cathedrals in our Internet shop. We offer Nested dolls and other souvenirs as by the gross and at retail at the lowest prices.

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