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Doll handmade big AR3-zeljonaja
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Doll handmade big AR3-zeljonaja

108.80 USD
In stock:In stock. Ship. Jan 21, 2021
Sold since:Aug 10, 2016
Вес:1.10 кг
Pcs per package:1
Высота:55 cm

Doll handmade big AR3-zeljonaja

Ladies and gentlemen! Pay attention to this unsurpassed creation of Russian folk art. It is an evident refutation statement, that the Russian master (especially, folk) can make nothing without alcohol. So, vodka as "Viagra" for inspiration. Never! It isn t not simply a doll, there are two isosceles triangles! It is simply impossible to make THIS with muddy eyes and shivering hands! And, some severity of lines only increases original charm of this product. It isn t disproportionate Cinderella, who IS not capable to put on boots symmetrically, it is a severe beauty of Russian North with ideally moulded forms located precisely in regular intervals concerning a line, lead from a kokoshnik to shoes. It is an excellent addition of table of businesswoman or the teacher of geometry.

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