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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Fairy tale
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Nesting doll 5 pcs. Fairy tale

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Высота:15 cm

Nesting doll 5 pcs. Fairy tale

The Russian fairy tales differ from all others? Realistic, and, at the same time, on the present the fantastic description of love. Scarlet floret , Ruslan and Lyudmila , Tsarevna frog - only the most vivid examples of touching histories. Sacrifice, passion, tops of spirit and force of beauty. All of this with truly Russian sincere sensuality. France simply does not maintain any comparison! Look attentively at the miniatures represented on this set. Each nested doll (matreshka) here is a masterpiece of methods of manufacture and, simultaneously, contains the essence of Russian soul. If you want to wish somebody good luck in love, you cannot find something better than this gift!

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