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Nesting doll Maydan Maydan
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Nesting doll Maydan Maydan

17.50 USD
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Sold since:Mar 13, 2016
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Высота:18 cm
Материал:дерево, липа

Nesting doll Maydan Maydan

Matryoshka called Maidan - has nothing to do with the famous events in Ukraine. Maidan is the name of the style of painting matryoshka dolls after the name of the village of the same name in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where this folk art craft came from. Residents of the village of Polkhovsky Maidan create their matryoshka dolls by hand, putting hard work, worldly wisdom and generations-old village traditions into each souvenir. The matryoshka is made of natural linden wood. Painting matryoshka dolls is made by hand, so 100% repetition of the drawing is simply not physically possible.

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